Global Maritime Trade

is a highly fragmented,  de-centralized marketplace with almost all of market share residing in long tail with no dominant market players.

In such marketplace, macro and micro market considerations shape each participants unique business processess and activities, representing  valid integral & internal needs of that organization and typically span across multiple boundaries of trust, geographies and enterprises…resulting in business networks &  supply chains that look like image below.

Trading Docs in this business network?


These 270+ documents are physically “chasing” dozens of users globally at high cost (~$150-200) and are open to manipulation, fraud, duplication and transportation risks, potentially putting high value cargo/enterprise capital at risk.

Past attempts to digitize these documents on centrally owned, standardized platforms never really went mainstream because of cost and friction involved along with value proposition/ownership concerns of said platform in a de-centralized marketplace.

ArtisChain reduced it to only ONE STEP

On ArtisChain platform, a user can handle these trade documents at a fraction of time, effort and money compared to existing systems in place.

Just upload the document via a browser window e.g – a Bill of Lading. No need to make/track hundreds of copies, no need to courier docs.

The system will take care of corresponding business network setup, recipient setup (e.g. consignee, transporters, regulatory authorities, financial partners, surveyors, container companies, Labs etc), privileges, workflow, tracking etc.

All this done with reliability, security, immutability, trackability, transparency and auditability that is powered by distributed ledger technology (blockchain) and modern web stack.

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